Why Bucket List Training?

Maybe you have a Bucket List.  Whether you've written it down, or it's in your head, you probably have a list of things that you dream of achieving. Your list may include travel to someplace you've never been.  Or learning a new skill.  Or participating in an endurance sporting event.

Completing an Ironman triathlon was on my Bucket List.  So when I finally got the nerve to actually sign up for one, my next thought was "Now what?!"  I had no idea how to train for one.  How many times a week should I swim?  Bike?  Run?  How far should I go?  And at what intensity level?  My primary goal was to get to the starting line without getting injured, and my secondary goal was to finish the race.  I hired a coach to help me achieve those goals.  I've since done 4 Ironman triathlons, qualified for the Boston Marathon 4 times, and completed numerous triathlons from the sprint to Ironman distance, and even more runs ranging from 5K to marathon distances.

Let me help you reach your endurance sport goal, and check that off your Bucket List!

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